Energy label accommodations

What is the purpose of an energy label?

With an energy label, u can see the energy-efficiency state of the accommodation at a glance. The energy label for accommodations, with classes A++++ to G, indicates just how energy-efficient the accommodation is compared to similar accommodations. Low-energy accommodation has good insulation, triple or HR++ glass, low-energy heating and solar panels. If there are several house numbers with different energy labels within a type of accommodation, we display the lowest energy label on our website.

Which accommodations get an energy label?

All accommodation with a usable area exceeding 50 m2 has an energy label. Our accommodation with a usable area under 50 m2, for example a tiny house or houseboat, does not have an energy label.

How is an energy label acquired?

The energy label is determined by a recognised and certified energy consultant who has visited our accommodations and recorded all the accommodation features to determine its energy efficiency.